Papercuts by Yehudit Shadur 

Yehudit Shadur at work in her studio | Y.Shadur Papercut, Look Upon Zion

The late Jerusalem artist Yehudit Shadur is renowned for reviving the centuries-long Jewish papercutting tradition of creating devotional compositions with time honored Jewish symbols. Discover her vigorous compositions drawing on her contemporary perceptions in the Land of Israel of the 20th C.

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Tapestries by Tamar Shadur

Tamar Shadur weaving the Yizkor tapestry | T.Shadur Tapestry, Lilies

Tapestry artist Tamar Shadur, in addition to weaving her own designs, has created woven interpretations of her mother's designs using traditional methods as those used to create magnificent tapestries hundreds of years ago.

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Mother - daughter collaboration between Yehudit & Tamar Shadur

Yizkor - Holocaust Memorial Mural Tapestry

The tapestry is intended as a Holocaust memorial for a synagogue or other Jewish institution. The symbolic elements with their multiple layers of meaning have been recurrent themes in Jewish ritual and folk art through the ages. 

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Yizkor tapestry, detail

Yizkor tapestry, detail

H: 5’ 8” x W: 4’ x 9”   wool and chenille weft, cotton warp
Design and Cartoon: Yehudit Shadur | Adaptation to Tapestry and Weaving: Tamar Shadur